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Bitch about Stitches.

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HAHA! I finally finished!! For those of you poor uninformed souls out there – this was my latest knitting project.  I think I started in…October maybe? A good few months ago anyway.  This was my first non-scarf knitting project and it was a relatively simple (although not terribly clear) pattern.  It was supposed to be made out of luxury silk something something and would have been a lovely light summery kind of shirt.  Except that Saree isn’t rich and won’t be buying 7 odd balls of luxury silk yarn anytime soon.  I made mine out of Bamboo instead.  Much cheaper, still kinda light, and eco friendly too. Win! I love the colour, it turned out a lot shorter than I would have imagined before I sewed the seams together (it looked mega sacky before I joined it up), and it’s suprisingly heavy! But nice to wear.  As you can see, I even work it to work today! Not the most office-y attire, but I just had to.  Especially considering I knitted a fair chunk of it at work. 😛

If you can’t tell, I stupidly chose to knit it with idiotically small needles and idiotically fine wool, which resulted in lots of tiny stiches.  Looootttss of stitches. Tiny ones.  That means lots of knitting.  An idiotic amount.  Lesson learned.  Chunky knits, here I come.

Still – satisfaction galore! I really wish Nan could see it finished, I’m sure she’d be happy that the countless times she taught me to cast on, and off, and how to tell the difference between knit and purl finally paid off.  I love that whenever I’m knitting I’m thinking of her.

The biggest issue is now…what next?? Here are some options:

1.  Making the purple cord pinafore that I’ve been planning on making since I made my last cord pinafore.  Sounds weird, but it worked surprisingly well.  It’s kinda the pattern that the middle chick is wearing – except without the weird pocket/belt things in the middle.

2.  Jumping back in the deep end and making another quilt.  I never got to show you my first one on here, because it was actually a surprise present for Steve and Sammy’s wedding, and then…well I gave it to them.  And didn’t take pictures.  Urk.  But guys if you’re reading this – maybe you can whip out that SLR or whatever large camera it is that you have and take some super flattering photos of it for me one day.  🙂  Kaffe Fassett – need I say more? Google him.  

I can feel my Mum wincing from here.

I bought this book for myself at Christmas time, and his quilts are seriously dreamy.  And some of the designs even look feasible – he makes such incredible fabric that you really don’t have to do much more to it.  Yay! Yum.

The last option is more knitting…which is tempting because I can take it with me on the train and to work.  Plus I bought a really cute pattern from Sassafras last time I was there! Hmmm.  All so tempting in their own ways.

I really have one more update to write, but I don’t think I’ll make it tonight! Noooooooo!! Damn this need for sleep.

Hold out loved ones, I’ll be back. xo